October 25 2022: Foster North near Camp Rumbug. Koalas seen and heard

Oct 25 2022:  We have a property in Foster North – around the Camp Rumbug area. Our little five acres backs on to a pine plantation – that sort of envelops part of our property. We are one valley over from some sort of eucalypt plantation, and have some glorious untouched bush across the road from us. We have a couple of significantly huge trees on our property – I think some of them are manna gums, but I’m not sure.

We’ve had a couple of koala sightings here over the years. Last Christmas holiday we had a young little one visit us for a couple of days in January. He might have stayed longer but we were renovating at the time and making quite a bit of racket, as well as having visitors staying, so we were unusually disruptive.

Most recently I heard one two nights ago. A boy making a racket like they do.