The Strzelecki Koala map is an attempt to map the range and distribution of the most genetically significant koala population in Victoria and South Australia. The map includes past survey work from a number of sources and also local sightings sent in by residents and citizen scientists.Koala pins represent sightings of Strzelecki koalas.
General koala scat sightings are marked with green pins. Scat located using a process of 500m grid surveys are marked with red pins. Yellow pins represent no scats found during 500m grid surveys.

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Friends of the Earth and Friends of Gippsland Bush have been working on Strzelecki Forest issues since the mid 1990’s. Our campaign started in earnest in 1999 after the sale of the Victorian Plantation Corporation to John Hancock Insurance Company. We monitored hundreds of logging coupes during this time, in the hope that key rainforest and koala habitat would eventually be protected.

The Strzelecki Koala is the only remnant population of koala in Victoria and South Australia.  The gene pool of the animal remains intact. All other populations of koalas throughout Victoria and South Australia, are the result of translocations and are suffering from a genetic bottleneck.

In time, the Strzelecki Koala may become the most important remaining koala population in Australia, as koala populations in Queensland and New South Wales are currently under increasing stress from a variety of issues.

Our campaign work has resulted in the creation of the Brataualung Forest Park in July 2018.


Our work has also helped contribute to a better scientific understanding of the animal including its distribution and feed preferences. Collecting koala scats (faecal pellets) have also helped contribute to a better understanding of this unique animal.

We need your help to keep this exciting work moving forward. We are hoping to begin surveys again in the near future, dependent on funding.