May 2023: Whitelaws Track, Budgeree. Koala saved from cows

May 2023

I recently saved this koala from the neighbours cows. I was over the back of my place luckily and the neighbours cows (20ish) were all bellowing like crazy it had been going on for a while so i went over to see what was happening. I could see something small in the middle of them the i realised it was a koala. It’s next to a creek and a couple of mature trees and a small dam. Anyway i had to jump the fence to chase the cows away. The koala was pretty beaten up you can see there’s a bit of blood on it’s ears and it’s half wet so been in water up to the middle.
I think it’s female or small male but didn’t check too busy helping it. It was trying to get thru the stocklock fencing but couldn’t. I threw my shirt over it and lifted it over the fence luckily i have a reveg paddock next to this laneway so i put it over that fence as well. I found it up a tree later on, but it was gone the next day. If you zoom in on the tree it’s in the middle.

Anyway it is true that domestic animals give koalas a hard time.
When we first bought this place on a short night walk close to the house we counted 11 Koalas male, female and a couple of young ones hanging off their mums. Since the fire and the big storm the Koalas are way down :(( the other night we only saw 2 in the same area but they both looked very fat and healthy, unfortunately no pictures.I know they move around a lot so it’s a bit random if they’re here or not. I also find the occasional dead koala in the reveg sites but I never know what causes that either.