Jan 2023/Sep 2023: Koala seen at Cottage Court, Walkerville

Sun 17 Sept 2023 a large male koala was heard and seen on our property at 15 Cottage Court, Walkerville. It was in a Manna gum tree on our Western boundary treeline. We heard it growl in response to the growling sound of a neighbour operating a chainsaw!!!!
It was only here for the one day and not seen the next day or since.

Jan 6 2023: After a concerning absence of any koala sightings on our property in the last 18 months, this very healthy female was sighted yesterday Fri 6 Jan at approx 7pm. The resident Gang Gang’s were squawking a treat and obviously did not want to share their tree!!!! I walked the property this morning and she has moved on. Hopefully she will return as we have plenty of Blue Gums and Manna Gums they used to always enjoy feeding in.