2020/21: Lomagnos Road, Outtrim. Koalas sited and heard

24/7/2020: Koala Sited Lomagnos Road, Outtrim

Initially this koala was walking up Lomagnos Road, Outtrim near my place. Then it climbed a little way up the tree and stayed there. These photos were taken from my car. When I checked on it when I was heading out later it was right up the top of the very same gumtree eating leaves.

Jan 21 update:

One of possibly 3 koalas on my property this morning. On hearing a koala fight outside, we investigated. One very large and one smaller male were fighting on the ground.
These photos are of the third Koala up a tree nearby. I thought it must have been a female. However, on closely looking at the more distant photo, I actually think it was a male. Is it likely that there would be three males in such close proximity? Lomagnos Road Outtrim