2017 January. Greenwood Parade Leongatha Injured Koala

Jan 17 2017: Greenwood Parade Leongatha – Injured Koala Up tree

David rescues koala again

MEMBERS of the public and the Leongatha Fire Brigade came to the rescue of an injured koala after it was found bleeding up a tree on Friday morning.

The koala was found on Greenwood Parade outside Leongatha Healthcare at about 11.30am.

“It was a strange call out to get. Normally it’s a cat stuck up a tree, not a koala,” First Lieutenant Scott Hillis of Leongatha CFA said….

Four people were required to stretch out the sheet that caught the koalas fall.

A member of the public spotted the koala and reported it to wildlife rescue.

The koala was taken to a vet clinic in Traralgon.

Due to a missing incisor and another worn down incisor, the koala was emaciated and could not eat.

He also had a bone infection in his jaw.

Unfortunately, due to his condition, the koala was unable to be saved.