2016 November: Koala Leongatha Accounting Office

Koala walks down Leongatha street and into accounting office

Nov 16 2016: https://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/country-living/back-paddock/koala-walks-down-leongatha-street-and-into-accounting-office/news-story/3aabc9dec0d5a9930735fcae0111aa8d

A KOALA strolls into an accounting firm.

It sounds like the start of a joke, but that’s exactly what happened in the Gippsland town of Leongatha.

Harriet Shing, MP for Eastern Victoria, had an interesting brush with a constituent on Monday when a koala came out of the park and proceeded to amble up the street.

“S/he seemed to be on a bit of a mission, and wasn’t heading towards any of the nearby trees, so I escorted the fuzzy traveller across the road and down the street,” Ms Shing wrote on Facebook.

She said the koala later entered a local accountant office, and a vet was called for an “office visit”.

Ms Shing added on Twitter: “He seems fine but we’ll leave relocation to the experts!”