2015 – 2023: Koalas Cottage Court, Walkerville. Koalas seen

2015-2023: Cottage Court – Walkerville

We have owned the property since 2014 and used to always see at least 4 or 5 koalas, and even a mother carrying a young one on her back on one occasion.
In the last 12 months we have alarmingly not been seeing (or hearing) any. A neighbour told us that a female that was blind and with chlamydia had sat on their doorstep. It was taken to a Vet and euthanised. Another neighbour was concerned they had seen one that seemed to have a lot of red inflammation on its face. The ones we had been seeing here always looked well and healthy.
We would always know if they were nearby as if a light plane flew over they would growl at the sound of the “growling” engine of the plane!!!!!!

Dates are:
6 & 7 /01/2016
25 & 27/06/2016
29 & 30/09/2018

These were the specific dates we took photos.
We have a lot of Blue Gum and Manna Gums they (used to) love, but alarmingly there have been no sightings in the last 12 months. It was always quite obvious the male was a lot bigger and would literally chase the female out to the furthest extremes of a branch. I guess given there was a female that was stricken with chlamydia and she is now deceased, the male may have gone elsewhere?????


Additional koala sightings on our property at 15 Cottage Court, Walkerville were:
Just 1 koala Mon 23 Jan, Tues 24 Jan , Wed 25 Jan in a Manna Gum during the daytime & evening
then one koala in a Blue Gum (Euc Globulus)  during the daytime and evening on  Thurs 16 Feb, Fri 17 Feb, Sat 18 Feb and then on Sun19 Feb during the day we saw it walk from our property at 15 Cottage Court up Cottage Court and enter number 2 Cottage Court, Walkerville and went up a Manna Gum tree.
On Mon 24 April a wildlife camera captured a solitary koala walking at night up one of our wildlife corridors at 15 Cottage Court, Walkerville.