14/3/22: Loves Lane, Dumbalk. Koalas seen

14/3/22: Loves Lane, Dumbalk
Twice now we’ve been driving back from Latrobe Valley to home Fish Creek and coming down Loves Lane have come across a Koala making it’s way up the road, uphill.
They have recently installed roadside barriers that make it impossible for the Koala’s to access the trees on the roads edge, or get off the road for at least 200m in some sections.
I have twice now turned around and escorted the koala along the road until there was a gap, at the top of the hill where they could exit and get to a tree. Both times there have been cars coming the other way, some more considerate than others.
Fortunately I haven’t found any deceased koalas along that stretch in the daylight the next day.